Forest Lake Christian School

Committed to quality Christian Education

Choosing the right school has become one of life's most strategic decisions, because that institution can shape the values, philosophy and direction of a young person. It demands a quality choice. Education is not value neutral. Every institution will work to shape the worldview of an impressionable child. School is where we learn to think. School is where we learn to work with and relate to others and ultimately it helps determine what our impact will be upon this world. If that whole process includes God's own viewpoint, then we provide our children with a truth laden education which they are able to apply to every aspect of life.


The elementary campus of Forest Lake Christian School includes transitional kindergarten – 6th grade. Beautifully located on the FLCS north campus, elementary students have access to not only spacious playground areas and classrooms, but to a gymnasium as well.

The elementary staff has been well-prepared to meet the rigorous expectations of our chosen academic curriculum. Besides the state and ACSI credentials that many teachers have earned, ongoing professional development occurs regularly, and is designed to keep teachers aware of the latest information available to assist them as they minister to the needs of each student.

Throughout their day, elementary students receive a broad and enriching academic experience. In addition to the development of basic academic skills, enrichment opportunities are provided in the areas of art, library, computers, and physical education.

Bible classes and a weekly chapel service are at the core of our curriculum that emphasizes spiritual growth and discipleship. FLCS teachers help their students to understand that God is to be the center of their life, that the Bible is His instruction for living a God-honoring life, and that all the things we do should glorify Him. In addition, a biblical worldview is integrated into all subject areas.

Each school year is filled with many exciting and enriching activities. There are educational field trips, assemblies, math and spelling competitions, speech meets, concerts, programs, and classroom projects, each designed to support classroom instruction and encourage students to achieve their best.

All students entering the elementary grades of Forest Lake Christian School participate in an assessment of their academic skills prior to enrollment. These assessments are used to determine grade level placement, and for kindergarten students, to determine a young child's readiness to learn.

At the present time, kindergarten students are offered five full-days of instruction. Determined by need on a yearly basis, parents will want to contact the elementary offices to learn what schedule is being offered for the upcoming school year.

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